Circlet – Elven Nomadic Head Jewellery


After successfully finishing the slave bracelet, it was on to stage two of the design challenge. With much excitement, I settled down to begin work on the circlet. This project was indeed a challenge and after a bit of dreaming, pondering, a design finally popped into my head.  This was hard for me as symmetry isn’t something I usually work towards, in fact usually, quite the opposite. At the moment I am including my two styles of jewellery together, the knitted pieces aswell as freeform chunky wire work and I was keen to put this into practice here.

I  love all forms of head jewellery and head pieces and I adore Elven, Fae and Tribal jewellery designs so have thought about making pieces for alternative weddings or festival wear perhaps.

Fitting the circlet was a bit tricky and I am yet to work out how best to secure the piece so it stays really secure, even with fairly vigorous head movements – especially as my dreads just make my head bigger than the average persons!

This was the first version I created, and I was very happy with how it turned out. I used a Labradorite centre stone and yellow agate. The intricate wirework back plate was really visible and added a touch of delicateness to the piece alongside some chunky stones.




I started to play around with the stones I chose and added more turquoise. This of course hid most of the intricate work I had done and the more stones added also added more weight.

Dark Turquoise beads were added along with the Yellow Cracked Agate and Labradorite.



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