Chunky Copper Necklace – ‘Boudicca’

boudicca 4

What should I do with 40 meters of copper wire?

Returning back to a technique I used for Elven Queen I made a necklace fit for a warrior queen this time.

Something I could picture Boudicca wearing in her battles against the Romans in Anglesey as she bravely leads her army tribe in thunderous pursuit. Chariots and swords bashing furiously in the frenzy of battle.

Shaped like a large blade this necklace is made purely from copper wire. Boudicca necklace has turned out to be much bolder and less feminine that Elven Queen so I imagined a strong forceful lady would have to be it’s owner. I also made a small leaf blade pendant to match the series, for those who like their jewellery a bit more dainty.

handmade jewellery made from copper wire

‘Elven Queen’

Handmade wire jewellery

‘Boudicca’ Warrior Queen

handmade wire jewellery

Woven copper wire Pendant


  1. Do u have anything like this in your shop? Are u going to post it? I like the woven look. Awesome!

  2. Shani Williams Reply

    Simply stunning

  3. Really love the full heavy necklace,it shows how wonderfull wire work is. The owner of it is very lucky and I a envious of your talent

    • Amanda

      Hi Cath. Thankyou. Boudicca is one of my favourite pieces I have made. It has not been sold but is currently on show at Walford Mills All Wired Up exhibition. If it does ever sell. I will be sad to see her go. Thanks for your comment. Take care.

  4. Carole Carrick Reply

    Speechless…these are the most beautiful copper necklaces I have ever seen.

    • Amanda

      Thankyou Carole x

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