Nordic Ice Queen Bracelet

I can’t believe it’s September already and whilst on the bus through the suburbs today I was studying all the trees on route, admiring the Horse Chestnuts hanging heavy with ripe conkers, their leaves tinged with yellow edges. The Sycamores with their delicate seeds waiting to disperse in the wind. It was apparent that Autumn wasn’t far away.


brown-33476_640My thoughts took me back to my own childhood days and the stories my partner would share with me about his childhood. He still keeps his prize winning conker that is attached firmly to a white shoe lace in amongst his box of treasures and memories. I remember collecting Beech Nuts off the autumn floor with my friend Gabriella, which we would scoff and enjoy at school break times. I still don’t know if they were meant to be eaten, but we certainly ate bucket loads and are still here to tell the tale! At the weekends we played for hours in her garden den making perfume from rose petals and other such delicate flower parts. As a child of the 70’s I enjoyed such simple and naive pass times without today’s modern technology and gadgetry.

The cold breeze of late August and the onset of Autumn has had me reaching for my darker and warmer clothing and has toned down my general choice of colour palette. While rummaging through my bead tray I found a beautiful large stone that had mauve, indigo and grey hues to it. It’s always been a favourite but I never quite knew what to do with it. I believe it is a Dragon Vein stone of some kind but can’t be sure exactly.


This bracelet is my latest piece and is a homage to Nordic and Scandinavian winters with the beautiful soft grey gemstone as it’s focal….

viking nordic cuff 2



Copper Wire Flower Slave Bracelet

It’s been a while since I made any jewellery but with two weeks off work I managed some lovely day trips out and found the time to sit and get all my jewellery making kit out of the tool box too. I really enjoyed sitting in the evening wire working new pieces for my shop on Etsy.

I wondered where to start, but with it all back in my mind, I managed to dream up some new designs. The slave bracelet and necklace I made first are based on a spikey flower shape inspired by the passion flower, one of my most favourite plants.


Star flower slave bracelet

Copper slave bracelet

Copper Star Flower bracelet with Unakite and Turquoise copyright WireMoon 2014

More designs soon followed and the creative juices were definitely flowing again.


Spirals and Leaves

Friday 21st December was the winter solstice which thankfully means the days are getting longer again. I am sure I suffer a little from SAD, the long dark days always leave me feeling so low. To mark this occassion I designed a bangle that represents the two solstice points in natures cycle as I look forward to June when we are celebrating the longest day of the year.

I look forward to the new year ahead after 2012 was one of the worst years I can remeber, so much tragedy and loss, but on the other hand so much to be thankful for too. With Vogue out this month I really feel as if my hard work  and dedication is finally paying off.

My Solstice bangle is made up of two large spirals, each representing the longest and shortest days in the calender.


Solstice Bangle

Following on from this design came my latest piece which expands from the spiral shapes used. With the addition of leaf shapes and beads it has become one of my favourite pieces I have made so far and according to my Facebook page a very popular design with my followers too. The design is quite unusual in the fact that it clasps at the front. Filled with Amazonite beads and copper beads forming petal shapes I named this piece Tree Nymph.

New Copper Jewellery Designs


I have been playing around deciding where to take my jewellery designing to next. Dabbling in Tribal and Nomadic inspired pieces (which I am still planning to expand on), I have also made some new cuff bracelet designs that have turned out very Medieval in looks.

I just love sitting with a roll of wire in front of the TV and seeing what happens next. These bracelets were actually the result of me trying to make some wire bowls for a show next year! However, I soon realised that the method I was using wasn’t going to work and a quick rethink and tweeking resulted in a cuff bracelet. As  it turns out, the design I made is very comfortable to wear. I own a Tibetan Silver Cuff that I really love but find it a little uncomfortable as the metal is so rigid and the cuff is quite wide. The soft wire in this design seems to mould to your wrist and is extremely lightweight.

The Lapis Lazuli beads only arrived recently and although I may not know where my designs are heading, I do know that I want to bring a new  palette of colours to my work. The deep blue colour of these stones has given a real depth and richness to the copper which I never thought would work. The dark blue always reminds me of Middle Eastern and Moroccan mosaics and definitely add a touch of the ‘exotic’ to the pieces.


Green and Yellow Agates and Turquoise chips.



Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Yellow Cracked Agate cuff bracelet