Elven Faerie Bridal Jewellery: a head dress and necklace

The summer holidays were so romantic. My partner and I spent two weeks off work together; we talked, travelled places, explored new cities, laughed aloud and watched movies. I’ve missed him in the stresses and strains of everyday working life. No wonder I felt compelled to create this magical head dress even though we have no plans to marry ( as far as I know!). I think this piece would look beautiful on an Elven or Faerie bride.

The necklace and head dress ( it works as both) comes complete with iridescent Opalite teardrop stones that hang and glisten against the skin. I also used Unakite and Aquamarine keeping the colours neutral against the copper.

Copper Elven head dressElven Drop Copper necklace

Circlet – Elven Nomadic Head Jewellery


After successfully finishing the slave bracelet, it was on to stage two of the design challenge. With much excitement, I settled down to begin work on the circlet. This project was indeed a challenge and after a bit of dreaming, pondering, a design finally popped into my head.  This was hard for me as symmetry isn’t something I usually work towards, in fact usually, quite the opposite. At the moment I am including my two styles of jewellery together, the knitted pieces aswell as freeform chunky wire work and I was keen to put this into practice here.

I  love all forms of head jewellery and head pieces and I adore Elven, Fae and Tribal jewellery designs so have thought about making pieces for alternative weddings or festival wear perhaps.

Fitting the circlet was a bit tricky and I am yet to work out how best to secure the piece so it stays really secure, even with fairly vigorous head movements – especially as my dreads just make my head bigger than the average persons!

This was the first version I created, and I was very happy with how it turned out. I used a Labradorite centre stone and yellow agate. The intricate wirework back plate was really visible and added a touch of delicateness to the piece alongside some chunky stones.




I started to play around with the stones I chose and added more turquoise. This of course hid most of the intricate work I had done and the more stones added also added more weight.

Dark Turquoise beads were added along with the Yellow Cracked Agate and Labradorite.



Reworked Copper Wire Jewellery

Copper butterflies Necklace

I recently made some pieces which I felt weren’t up to scratch so I’ve been busy tweaking them this weekend.

The Butterfly Tiara I made looked beautiful on but I felt that the headband was a little short and therefore unstable, especially under the weight of all those freshwater pearls.

It now looks like this….much happier with this I think. It’s now one of my favourite pieces!



Another reworking was Phoebe’s necklace.


Now reshaped and adorned with butterflies and swirls. I do like using these copper butterfly beads at the moment!


However, my mission was to make more earrings, not more necklaces! I just can’t leave stuff alone if its not quite right. I wonder if all us creatives are a little OCD sometimes?!!

Bridal Jewellery – Copper Butterfly Tiara

I had some beautiful freshwater pearls just waiting for the right project and I have finally found the perfect use for them!  I have been wanting to have a go at making bridal tiaras and accessories for a while.  A good friend of mine is getting married soon too, so there was no excuse!

I love these little butterfly beads and the lilac/purpley hue to the pearls really compliment the pinkish copper. I am really pleased with how it has finished, and it was challenging and fun trying out something new. I used the wire twisting technique here which is not something I had done before so bridal jewellery and accessories may well be something I venture into this summer.