Sterling Silver

I am really enjoying using copper wire to make my jewellery, it is so maleable ( more so than silver plated wires). I find it a complete pleasure to work with. The ageing and oxidising process is a huge factor in my choice in using copper wires as I really believe it enhances the work tremendously. Something that starts off looking quite flat and garish can become an antiqued work of art! If you are interested in the ageing of copper jewellery I have written a tutorial about oxidising metals – Ageing Copper Jewellery

However, I do love my silver! But I am getting very frustrated using plated wires which cannot be aged. I tried it and it just went blue!? I am wanting to progress onto sterling silver wires. Solid silver wire is very expensive which would mean the prices of my jewellery would have to more than double in some cases as metres and metres of wire can go into just one design. However I am going to take the plunge and buy some sterling wire. Fingers crossed I don’t mess it up!