Black wire Jewellery

I have been using more and more coloured wires recently. Having always worked with copper and silver I wanted to ‘brighten’ up my work. I even decided to give black a try. I didn’t think it would turn out quite so well.

There are a whole rainbow of colours to choose from available from wire stockists on the internet. I can’t wait to try out some of the other colours I have on order. A good supplier of wires is : Wire and stuff or

To this black design I added loads of red beads, which always remind me of redcurrants, and have aptly named this the Berry Necklace.

The lovely spring sunshine is making me think of nature again as I can see the new shoots and spring flowers already appearing. After making a lot of flower shapes recently I have also turned my attention to leaves, that hopefully will be adorning the trees once again.

This time I have used mixed metals – copper and silver. I used the copper to give the piece a bit of warmth and used knitted wire to form the chain.

Without the copper I felt the design was too ‘frosty’ and thats not what I wanted. I have listed these in my shop under the section Necklaces. I do think this would look good in all copper so that might have to be on the list of things to try.




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