Back in the saddle

For now, my work with the Place and Memory project has come to an end.  A publication is still in the planning so there is more exciting stuff on the way. The publication release date will be in the new year so that leaves me time to focus on my other creative outlets.

Sahara Queen Necklace

I felt it was time to return back to my jewellery, especially with the change in season I really wanted to make some Autumnal pieces for my Etsy Collection.

We’ve had a glorious summer here in the UK and the autumn winds and rain seemed to appear out of nowhere. We are never satisfied with the weather in this country, however, it does offer a valuable and mutual point of conversation if you are stuck in a lift or at a bus stop, or any other place you feel a sudden urge to spark up a conversation with a complete stranger.

As the proverb says ‘ There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes’ So true. I’ve been caught in a rainstorm in sandals many a time before or an impromptu evening with friends in the pub only wishing my toes weren’t freezing due to a bad choice of footwear!

So,now it’s too cold to go out as much its the perfect time to stay home and make stuff.  Having been away from the pliers for some months I needed to ease myself gently back into the saddle. I took some incomplete pieces I made earlier this year and created my first jewellery piece in about six months.


Unakite Weeping Tree of Life

My ‘Weeping Tree of Life’ pendant is filled with Unakite and it’s mossy greens and pinkish hues gives it a distinct autumnal earthy  feel. Mother of Pearl carved leaves and a Sunstone centre pick up the pinks in the Unakite.

More Sunstone was used in the Sahara Queen Necklace pictured above.

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