Abstract Landscapes

I can’t believe its been so long since my last blog post. My life recently has been turned upside down, in a good way though. It seems to happen to me quite regularly and every time its the same. I long to get back to making, painting and creating.

I am studying an intensive teacher training course at the moment, which means loads of assignments and research and the reason I have been neglecting my blogging. It’s all good though. It will mean I can follow my dream to teach jewellery and earn a decent living in the arts, something I have wanted so much. Like so many of my generation, my parents insisted I followed a more conventional career route while at school, coming from a family of scientists and engineers I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to study art.

So, finally, I found a spare few days to dust off some of the cobwebs settling in that scatty headed brain of mine and actually produced a piece of art work! It’s such a relief, and phew! I needed it! I even found time to do some baking and am still slowly eating my way through the batch of cookies I made. ( I am trying to be good you know)

So, faced with a huge, blank white canvas & with my favourite large paintbrush in hand, I just had a play, and this is where I ended up! It’s very different to what I normally produce but I needed something fairly free and fast to get me going again.

I remember the last time I had a go at drippy inks on canvas it turned out quite a muddy mess. Now, I think a few huge holes might have ended up in that canvas, which was a waste really as I could have painted over the mess and reused it. I know quite a few artist friends who have trashed their canvases in a fury of artistic temperament, one even set fire to theirs. A few holes seem quite mild in comparison!

This one turned out a bit more successful. Hope you like it.






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