Copper Jewellery

My journey with wire

I have been crafting jewellery for over 15 years now and what started as a mere pass-time and hobby has become one of the most fulfilling adventures and aspects of my life. I have rediscovered the gratification and well-being that expressing my artistic side can bring. Thankfully, this has led me to live a more creative existence and an altogether happier one at that!

I love the challenges faced when turning a concept or idea into reality, from sketchbook to finished piece. I also love to see how pieces develop naturally and organically, without any planning or idea in mind at all.

I discovered copper as an artistic medium in 2009 and have been focusing my time on copper wire work ever since. I believe in ethical living and try to work with recycled materials when I can, sourcing copper wires from used electrical cables, recycling and upcycling my old pieces too, reworking the wires and beads to create new designs.

Recently, my work has been focussing on using silver filled wire and this has brought with it new challenges.

I adore copper, its feel, its touch and colour, it truly is a pleasure to work with. I also work with semi precious stones for the natural and earthy element they give. Each stone is different and unique I love adding that captured moment of time and history into my designs.



I am inspired mainly by nature and the magnificent diverse natural world around us, organic shapes, flowing forms and the array of colours in life.

‘The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself’  Henry Miller

My imagination also takes me to magical realms where I go to escape, inspired by fairytales, myths, legends and folklore. I also love ethnic and tribal design; from the rich colours of the Middle East to bold tribal patterns of Africa.

Exhibitions and Publications

2010 – Naturata Exhibition of paintings, drawings and Jewellery
2011 – Leeds Central Art Library
2012 – Vitae Solo Exhibtion
2013 – Vogue Magazine January issue
2013 – All Wired Up Exhibition – Walford Mills, Dorset
2013 – Making Jewellery Magazine
2013 – Featured artist on WireWorkersGuild2015 – Linea Exhibition of Jewellery and Artwork

Amanda Burton


  1. Rebecca Brooks-Guelfi Reply

    Hi Amanda,

    Are you up to doing an email interview with me???? You can answer the questions on your own time thru an email. It would be really exciting for me to ask you some questions. And no boring questions like… what is your fav color lol

    email me at ok

    Rebecca :^)

  2. Rebecca Brooks-Guelfi Reply

    OMG!!!! I just poured over your entire site. You are a freaking genius! But really, you are.

    Your work is so inspiring, looking at it my eyes felt the way my tongue does when I eat something delicious? 🙂 LOL

    Great to find you, what amazing work.

    Rebecca of
    Jewelry designer and maker

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much Rebecca. Good to hear from a fellow wireworker! Loved your website, really beautiful.

    • Rebecca Brooks-Guelfi

      One day I hope to have the skill level that you do. The way you manipulate wire is so supernatural.

    • Amanda

      Thanks Rebecca. Thats very kind x

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